-Kumi or (קוּם) is a verb that means to arise, stand up, stand, or to establish

-Ori or (אוֹר) means to be or become light, or to shine


"Kumi Ori Learning" is a charge to families to stand up, arise to the challenge, and take charge of their children's education, giving them a firm biblical foundation, empowering them from a cultural perspective, teaching them to think critically, and approach the world as an opportunity for learning and growth. And through this, becoming a light for others to do the same. Arise. Shine. Homeschool.


"Arise and shine (Kumi, Ori), for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen upon you." - Isaiah 60:1




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So you've made the decision to homeschool. Well, like most great decisions it's going to take commitment, hard work and dedication. But no worries! Who knows your children better, and cares for them more, than you do? A parent is the child's first teacher! Who better to lead them in individualized instruction to help them become their best selves? LaKendra can help you do just that. Through one-on-one personalized coaching sessions, she will help you find your homeschool niche. She will help you find the elements to help you to be successful on your homeschooling journey. See all that is included in our coaching packages here. Click here to schedule your discovery call today.



What is a co-op? A co-op (or cooperative) is a place where homeschool families go to gain and give support to other homeschool families. Co-ops are varied in structure and focus. There are academic co-ops, extracurricular co-ops, social co-ops, and even scripture-based co-ops. Everyone needs support! In the homeschool journey, having a co-op family can make all the difference. For more information about our co-ops, check here.



Too often, parents of children of color have difficulty finding curriculum that is representative of their culture. At Kumi Ori Learning, we believe that homeschool curriculum should not only educate but empower the child. Black students should see success from their cultural perspective. We also believe that the majority of material from Scripture does not accurately portray the text in its images. At Kumi Ori Learning, we desire to provide families with curriculum that helps them to educate their children in culture in light of Scripture. Check out our curriculum page here.


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What is "Kumi Ori Learning"?

We are a Scripture-based homeschool-support company.

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