-a number card for each plague

-a Scripture card for each plague


-ways to play



  • Print the following pages on cardstock.

  • Cut the cards out.

  • (Optional) Laminate and cut the cards out again.

  • Enjoy! (Game ideas are included on the card marked “Ways to Play” 


Ways to Play:

-Read the card with the Scripture and try to guess which number plague it is. Match the card to the number.

-Turn all of the cards face down, and play the matching game, taking turns to see who pick up the two matches. Whoever picks up the most matches wins!

-Try to put the plagues in order by the Scripture cards. See if you got it right by matching them with the number cards.

-For younger players. Put the numbers in order. Match the pictures on the cards. Review with a parent the different plagues.

Passover Playing Cards